MelMarie's Virtual Boutique offers product and self care tools that awaken intention, beauty, and nourishment in all ways from within and beyond. Investing in you, your education, and your health is an investment into your future and the magic you create in your world. 

Virtual Studio Practices + Trainings 

Enjoy full access to our growing on-demand library of Yoga with Mel and Workshops. Access practices and teachings on your schedule and enjoy the diverse expressions and resources to guide you deeper into well being. Membership Here 

Through a set time frame, allow yourself to be supported as you deepen into self development, the benefits of mind body medicine and yogic teachings to guide and share with others or savor for optimizing your life. Learn More About Our Trainings Here 



For years I have been trying to quit coffee without quitting the cozy warmth and space held during my mornings. Waking up and creating a warm self care elixir for years was my coffee routine until I tried Mud Wtr. A recipe of Masala Chai, Cacao, Lion's Mane, Cordyceps, Chaga, Reishi, Cinnamon, Tumeric, and Himalayan Salt. 

I add raw sugar and oat milk, use the frothier and wooolahh the perfect drink for morning rituals. 

Vedic Blueprint Reading $88

Receive your Vedic Blueprint by Mel. Mel blends her expertise in yoga therapy infused by vedic wisdom and the science of Joytish (Vedic Astrology) to tune in and draw main themes from your birth chart creating a personalized blue print identifying your authentic nature, gifts, tendencies and elements. You will received a detailed reading based on your chart along with a explanation of the season you are venturing with self care practices and tools to pacify challenges that arise. Vedic Blueprints are supportive for people looking to understand themselves deeper and lean into the permission to show up more in "your nature". The blueprints are designed to support your personal growth and self exploration. 

Order Here or Venmo @melmarieyoga

Instructions for Purchase:

  • Click Order to complete your order or Venmo @melmarieyoga $88
  • After purchasing, please send an email to with your exact birth time, date and location.
  • Please also provide 3 questions that may be surfacing in your life that you are seeking an answer on through your Vedic Blueprint. Vedic Blueprints are typically completed within 2-3 weeks from purchase. 

Custom Mala Making $144

Cherish the gift of a customized Mala Necklace made by Mel. Each Mala is carefully made with semi-precious stones and intention to curate the perfect gift to yourself or someone you love that exudes the intention, healing elements and experience that aids you deeper into self care and back home to yourself. 

Instructions for Purchase:

  • Click Order to complete your order or Venmo @melmarieyoga $144
  • After purchasing, please send an email to with Mala in the subject line and provide the answers to the following questions- What colors or gems do you desire to see in your mala? In your life, what is a word you wish to feel? What intention do you want set for your Mala?  And any other information you wish to provide.
  • Malas are typically completed within 2-3 weeks from purchase. Please include your mailing address in the email. 

Intention Based Jewelry

Balance Me

Let this stack inspire you to embrace your intuitive development cultivating the creation of your ambitions- knowing you are worthy. Blue Aventurine assists in dissipating worry, fear, and anger balancing your mood. Turquoise is a serenity stone instilling peace and tranquility. Be fulfilled, whole, and balanced.

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Tree of Gratitude

Snowflake Obsidian is a purity stone balancing the mind, body, and spirit. Let this bracelet encourage you to be bold- grounded with strong roots empowered by your story. Knowing the most powerful tree started as a simple seed. Nurturing, cultivating, filling yourself with seeds of gratitude planted within the garden of your soul. Using the law of intention to grow and flourish never withering even in the face of a storm.

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Blooming You 

Turquoise is associated with the throat chakra which influences creativity and expression- let this stack inspire your creativity expanding into your abundant life. Grounded with Tigers Eye and aware with Howlite, let your stem expand and blossom into the best version of yourself. Take all chances for if you win- you lead; if you lose- you become a guide.

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New Beginnings

The lotus flower lives in muddy water, yet remains unsoiled inspiring us to grow out of adversity and trials fostering the life we've dreamed. Embracing new beginnings and being present with all experiences. Allowing adversity and pain to refine our hearts. Remembering- no mud, no lotus

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Beloved Inspired

When you open your body to wellness- you open the heart to healing, the mind to understanding, and the breath to releasing. Reaching to that which serves you and letting go of that which hurts you. Let this stack remind you that you are worthy, you are beloved, Rose Quartz is a compassion stone reminding us not to react in passion but ground into compassion seeking truth and abundance fostering the growth necessary to being the best, most healed version of ourselves.

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Be My Bliss

With a touch of tigers eye, rose quartz, and howlite- beauty and bliss are inevitable. The stone of unconditional love, Rose Quartz, brings harmony and inner peace to the heart strengthening self-love and acceptance. Tigers eye protects and focuses the mind reinforcing confidence and stability. Calming emotional stress, Howlite brings awareness to one's life and enriches self care by bringing clarity to the heart. This stack encourages one to be happy in the pursuit of goals rather than pursuing happiness. Blissfully seek rather than seeking bliss.

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Love Yourself

This amethyst bracelet delineates self care and balance. Purple is the balance between the warmest and coolest colors representing wholeness. When we go within and pause, we are able to remember the light illuminating from our core. Never let your mistakes define you, let them direct you knowing you are the artist of your own life and the source of your own peace.

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Custom Self Care Stack

Design the perfect bracelet stack that reflects you intentions and desires reminding you that you are supported, loved and on your own purposeful path. 

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Purchase above, then email subject: Custom Stack and in the email describe what stones, intentions and colors you wish to be blended into your self care stack. 

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