This is great for both those beginning their journey looking to absorb themselves in mindfulness and yoga or for those who are looking to have a home to dive deeper their education, nourish their body and feed their soul. This membership includes: -Access to all on-demand and our Self Care Portal and access to 5 Live Stream Workshops/Classes with Mel a month provided within the MelMarie studio. In addition, you will have access to MelMarie Mentoring via Voice App

Monthly Investment: $120

Enjoy full access to our growing pre-recorded library of Yoga with Mel, Workshops and The Self Care Portal. Access practices and teachings on your schedule and enjoy the diverse expressions and resources to guide you deeper into well being. 

Monthly Investment: $14


This Membership includes a monthly 90 min 1:1 Yoga Therapy session with Mel and access to weekly Yoga Therapy classes. Mel may also customize the resources you have access to, to support you in your yoga therapy journey. These memberships are personalized based upon your consultation and assessment with Mel and from there she will curate a unique self care plan to support your integration of Yoga Therapy where you will receive your own membership code for access to resources. You will also have access to Mel through a unique mentoring app to aid further integration into your daily practice.

Yoga Therapy is a co-creative process oriented towards healing and improving quality of life. Yoga Therapy blends yoga philosophy, practices, mindfulness and other mind body modalities into tailored experiences to pacify imbalance, increase mobility, improve mental hygiene and aid optimal function of mind, body and heart. 

Monthly Investment: $144

To learn more about Yoga Therapy and the Yoga Therapy Membership contact Mel below. 

Join any of our live yoga classes for $18 (live yoga with Mel schedule varies) or workshops for $30.

Check out our schedule and explore the unique options to nourish, move, and integrate.

Mel offers insight, education and guided experiences to guide you in connecting deeper with your nature, your healing and creating a life you do not need to escape from. The Self Care Portal includes breath work, meditations and mini workshops and topics.

Monthly Investment: $8

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