MelMarie Studio

The Mission

MelMarie is on a mission to help you create a life you do not need to escape from. 

Our studios and virtual experiences invite a unique genre of yoga and mindfulness- an experience between self expression using meditative movement and candid revitalization through evidence based practices to support the recovery and maintenance of wellness and self care. 

Our services offer personal growth and nourishing recovery through the ever evolving exploration of what it means to be human. Guiding you to uncover your interior sanctuary of serenity. Your retreat back to you. Your invitation home. 

Our Virtual Studio Offers

Our studio is designed to offer everything you need for self care integration, mind body empowerment and accessibility in bringing these tools to life in your day to day expression. Our memberships offer multi-faceted access to align with your unique needs. Learn more about our memberships here.

Access our studio through drop in and ticket rate or memberships. 

To bring your practice to life we have created a model that allows you to access educational workshops that provide teachings and practices oriented towards unique and therapeutic topics within mind body medicine and yoga therapy. The self care portal offers weekly access live with Mel to dive into unique conversations, energy updates based in Vedic teachings, guided meditations, book clubs and more. The weekly classes offer you access to your practice throughout week through our virtual studio and if you are needing a practice or want to dive into a workshop at your pace and time, check out our on-demand Self Care at Home library. With these, witness how you begin to Live Like You Practice. 

Shop MelMarie

Find your cozy. Shop MelMarie retail just as you would if you were at a yoga studio. We sell some of our favorite active wear clothing, mindful jewelry and other self care tools to aid you in brining your practice home and with you every day. 

About Mel

Over the past 9 years MelMarie Yoga, led by a passionate military spouse, has evolved from clinical Yoga Therapy to Education Programs, Trainings, beautiful studio sanctuaries and more. MelMarie Yoga harnesses holistic healing in way that includes integrative modalities of mind body medicine, narrative healing, relieving subconscious patterns, and more. Serving the military, traumatic brain injury communities, structural rehabilitation to higher education, corporate wellness and innovative learning that guides the community and individual into an embodied sense of being. Currently, MelMarie Yoga offers online resources, memberships, classes, and both livestream/in person education to continue guiding you in the art of coming home to YOU. 

Melissa Aguirre is a certified C-IAYT, ERYT 500, YACEP, Holistic Life Coach and Stress Management Specialist focused on intuitive and mindful movement to optimize self awareness, regulation and vitality. Mel focuses on mental and emotional hygiene by utilizing mind-body practices that address imbalances from a holistic lens. Her multi-modality approach provides comprehensive experiences that are both intentional and informational aiding you to step into your power. 

She believes yoga is a process of reclaiming yourself that leads to deeper healing of subconscious patterns lodged in the nervous system and body. Through working with Mel you will gain new insight on regulating your body, nourishing your mind, and honoring your spirit. 

The video below offers insight to “What kind of yoga does Mel teach?” and “Why?”✨Some background on Melissa and her journey as a Yoga Therapist. A little on what got her into teaching, the foundations she learned and how it evolved from physical to addressing more of the mental and energetic aspects of health. A cozy, light hearted share providing more context on why she is multidimensional in her teaching today of yes structural but language, energy, nature and connection. The postures are catalysts. Evidence based research shows that changing and healing the mind sustainably is done through the body. 

More with Mel

Train with Mel to become a Yoga Teacher through our adaptive therapeutic programs registered with Yoga Alliance.

Become a 1000 Hour Yoga Therapist and pursue the profession of Yoga Therapy.

Get clear on your path and learn your nature. Schedule a 1:1 session for a chart reading in Vedic Astrology and Counseling with Mel. 

Work 1:1 with Mel as a Yoga Therapy Client or inquire about Integrative Yoga Therapy Coaching Services. 

For more information or inquires, please email us through this form. 

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