Part of the mission of creating a life you do not need to escape from is creating a life on your terms. Where you feel good from the inside out. That what you exude on the exterior is a direct reflection of the interior. The way you walk your talk and embody vitality from a space of alignment and abundance. 

As the world continues to change, beginning this path is a powerful way to create a business that is aligned with your values, your practice and your community. 

It is simple, because you are already doing this- referring people to where to get the clothes you wear, exploring movement and wellness while seeking relationships and communities that are in alignment with your heart and vision. This is your opportunity to upgrade and create something that supports you financially and creatively. 

Mel's Story with Savvi:

As a former Lululemon Ambassador, I had experienced first hand the magic that comes with building community around a shared passion- movement. Savvi arrived in my life at the perfect time as I still craved to create community around movement, lifestyle and clothes- because I am definitely someone who loves style and fashion. Initially, joining as a brand partner was about getting discounts for myself and sharing with my friends but over time I realized that Savvi offers an empowering opportunity to make money on the things most women in this industry already do- which is referring where they got their outfit. The opportunity provides another revenue stream while providing more accessibility to meet others with similar interests. 

I believe it is important to be intentional in this work and this is why for my community- I have provided unique elements of support to ensure that anyone who links arms with me through this experience has ample opportunity to go deeper and connect with the embodiment of self care, self connection and organic expression that comes from the BEING rather than the doing.

By Becoming an Affiliate or Brand Partner, you receive with Mel:


Work 1:1 with Mel in professional development to support your Savvi business, lifestyle and intentions. 

MelMarie is passionate about ensuring your expression is authentic, natural and with ease as you grow and create the work you do in alignment to your heart.


During your first month once you become a brand partner- you receive the ALL ACCESS ON DEMAND FREE. As an Affiliate, Brand Partner, or Member of Style Club you will have access to 40% off services and additional experiences of MelMarie Studio for your first year to support your internal self care, practices and work. 


Options to grow your business or simply wear and share. 25% off your orders + growing community. Savvi has created an empowering model that offers the best payment structures to support you in your developing business, diversifying your income and expanding your community.

Get Started Today

For questions, text Savvi 7049620771 and Mel will begin voice messaging with you. This is a beautiful way to explore if partnering is in alignment and understanding your goals, interests, concerns and questions about taking this next step to amplify your self care while curating income. 


15 Minutes of Why Savvi, Why Now. 

FOR $25 off your first purchase or any other questions- email Mel below.

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